August 17, 2015: Liesl Starts to Swim

It is Monday.  Mostly a normal week for us.  Two weeks straight of being at “home” in Panama without any traveling of any sort, not even on the weekend.

Dominica took the girls down to go swimming this afternoon.  They did not swim for a really long time but the big accomplishment today was that Liesl managed to swim, completely on her own, without floaties!!  This is a huge day.  She is only doing short distances but she is really do it.

This evening Liesl played Dust: An Elysian Tale for more than an hour.  By the end of the evening she had progressed from 13% completed when she started to 16%.  It is slow moving but she is getting to be pretty good at the game.  It is pretty impressive to watch her playing it.

Tonight, after the girls went to bed, Dominica fired up BioShock on her laptop and got it to stream over to my Mac which is plugged into the television and we played about half an hour, just enough to show that the game worked and get into it a tiny bit.  We have been waiting a year or more to play BioShock.  We have owned it but Dominica really wants to watch me play it.  It is far more her kind of game than mine, it is rather scary, but it is too scary and intense for her to play on her own so she needs me to play it and her just to watch.

Streaming from the Windows laptop to the MacBook over the cheap wireless in the apartment actually worked acceptably.  It was not the best, but it was functional.  The game seems like it is going to be okay.  Would be nice if we had a better setup for playing it, using the Lenovo streaming to the Mac hooked to the TV introduces some lag and none of the machines is all that powerful and we have to scale up from 720p for the TV to work so the graphical quality is not what it could be.  It’s a cheap Sony Bravia TV too.  So layers on layers of less than ideal setup.  That is one thing that is very hard to deal with being so remote.  We can never have good stuff like this.