August 21, 2015: Panama City

It is Friday and we are in Panama City today.  I am working from the hotel all day.  We decided that we were going to come out a day early so that we would be able to have casual time here in the city and not have to drive out here on a Friday night when the traffic would likely be bad and we did not want to lose out on having a Friday night in the city.  Today is also Dominica’s 37th birthday so we are celebrating that here in Panama City as well.

Dominica and the girls did school today while I worked.  It was a quiet day in the hotel.  A little more comfortable than working from the apartment out in Rio Hato.

This evening for dinner we just walked down the street to the Executive Cafe at the Executive Hotel which I have been telling Dominica about.  She wanted a simple, but tasty, dinner.  We have not gone to a normal restaurant like this together for quite some time.  It was great to get to go out to one.

We had a really nice time at the restaurant.  Dominica and I split the Nachos Gringo which was awesome.  The girls enjoyed their food too.  It is a nice, relaxed atmosphere.  We got cake to go to take back to the hotel since this was the only chance to get a cake for Dominica’s birthday.

Back at the hotel we hooked up the laptop and watched a little Modern Family and got to bed.  Tomorrow begins our sight seeing of Panama City.