September 7, 2015: Labor Day

The Grices did not come over today.  We all took today as a relaxing holiday.  We did very little.  It was great having a day with nothing that we needed to do.

This afternoon I saw someone post something about Red Lobster on Facebook and I decided that we had not been there in quite some time. I asked Dominica and she asked the girls and they were very excited to get to go out to Red Lobster for dinner.  Liesl says that Red Lobster is her favourite restaurant!

It was latish when we went out to the Red Lobster on Bay Area Boulevard.  Thankfully it is really close for us so going to one is really no effort at all.  Since it was dinner time on Labour Day it was not busy at all.  There were lots of empty tables and we were seated immediately.

Luciana, surprisingly, decided that she did not want calamari tonight and instead just got mac and cheese, which she did a good job eating.  Liesl got popcorn shrimp and devoured them.  Dominica and I went for creating our own meals.  We have gotten better at ordering when at Red Lobster and avoided an appetizer, dessert and getting massive meals.  We are always so full and waste so much food.  I got the coconut shrimp which I love and the stuffed flounder.  The girls are so excited to get the cheesy biscuits.

After dinner we came home and snuggled in the bed in our room watching Modern Family until it was time to go to sleep.