November 17, 2015: On the Phone

We lost power for just a few seconds this morning, enough that I figured that I would just get up.  That was just after six.  Dominica got up early today, too.  She made coffee hours earlier than we normally have it and by nine this morning we had polished off a twelve cup pot already!

It was very hot and bright today.  Although we are noticeably adjusting to the heat.  We are not suffering from it anywhere near as much as we were a month ago.  Our month in Panama and our first month in Nicaragua are conditioning us.

I did a bit of writing and posting today and was on the phone for several hours.  It felt like I was on the phone nearly all day, in fact.  Mostly with Art and Danielle.

Liesl ended up having a breakdown this afternoon when it came to be time for her school.  It was so bad that she had to be put down for a nap and no school time for her today.

I went to the corner store to get us some supplies tonight.  Just a few things.  The air was really clear and there was a great view of Mombacho looming over us on my walk.

I wrote until ten thirty.  Liesl came down and pointed out that we had five lizards hanging out around the pool tonight, that was a new record for us.

Tonight Dominica and I played Episode Three of Law & Order Legacies.  It continues to be pretty good.  We were done long before midnight and ready for bed.