December 23, 2015: Alone on Galveston Again

I meant to sleep in this morning but we had gone to bed so early last night that I was awake just before five.  I checked the clock and then thought about how long I had been asleep and decided that yes, my body had gotten a full night’s sleep and it was ready to get up.  So get up I did.  I went out into the kitchen and got to work doing some posting and stuff and checking up on the downloads.  Yes the video game downloads continue unabated.  Day after day, hour after hour, more and more games download and still there is so much more to get!  At this point we have something on the order of seven hundred games downloaded onto the Asus ROG laptop between Steam and GOG.

It was several hours, around nine o’clock, when the next person was awake and that was Luciana.  She beat Dominica by at least half an hour.  So I got her started on her day with her breakfast, bathroom routine and set up doing stuff in the living room.  Dominica was up before long and Liesl had to be woken up around ten.  She was not happy to have to get up at all.

The girls did their Advent Calendar, it is almost done.  They love the Advent routine and the Playmobile calendar that Dominica’s mom got them is a big hit.  They love all of the toys that come in it and it works with their other toys and stuff.  It’s perfect.  They are so excited to get up and do it every morning.

It was easily ten thirty or later when we packed everyone into the Spark and I drove them up to League City to drop them off.  We stopped quickly at the McDonald’s drive through around the corner to pick up breakfast to eat in the car on the drive.  It was a quick trip, just unloading the car and off again.

I had to make a stop at Fry’s today.  It turns out that Liesl had been out shopping and found a wireless mouse at Five Below and told Dominica that she had to get it for me for Christmas because she knew that I really needed a mouse so that I can get work done, which is very true.  The mouse at Five Below is the cheap one that we already have that does not work well, though.  So Dominica had told her that she was going to order me one instead.  But, in reality, picking out a good mouse is something that needs to be done carefully and probably in person.  So Dominica sent me to Fry’s today to see if I could find a good travel wireless mouse that would meet our needs.  It is so sweet that Liesl has been demanding that I get a good mouse and has been looking for one.  She has mentioned a few times that she was concerned that my Christmas present was not going to arrive in time, now I understood why.

So after thirty minutes or more of checking out every mouse that I could, I finally decided on a forty dollar Logitech Bluetooth travel mouse.  I like that it is Bluetooth because it means that I will not have to deal with a dongle and that is always a problem when traveling.  Those things are way too easy to lose.  We do not need an additional one, especially not one for an expensive mouse.  And the travel model was quite small, which is pretty important for us.  It’s very special that Liesl put so much thought into this gift.

From Fry’s I drove back home and settled in for my quiet day at the house.  I got some writing done today, lots of game downloads, some work on the games, some posting and I managed to get caught up on SGL posts which is pretty important as next week is going to be very hectic and then we are off to Greece and traveling when behind on the blog is always very bad.

In between working on other things I managed to beat the video game HexCells Plus this afternoon.  That’s the second of the HexCells Trilogy of games.  Only HexCells Infinite is left for me to tackle and I made it a long way through that this evening as well.

I ended up staying up well past midnight as I was getting writing done.  I often do my most work late at night.  The fog was around all day but after ten or so it got really think and by midnight you could barely see the cars on the road.  It was quite warm during the day, eight one degrees this morning, but cooled off quite a bit tonight.

Lost Internet access a little while after midnight which was super annoying.  I did get a chance to chat with a buddy living in Thailand right now, though.

Up until two in the morning.  Got the entire Nancy Drew video game archive collection set up to download through the night.  I am hoping that Liesl likes these games, there are more than twenty of them.  I am hopeful that somewhere in all of these new games that there are some gems that the girls will really enjoy.