November 24, 2015: Planning for Europe

Today is Tuesday.  Our time in Nicaragua is fading quickly.  We have been here for two months now but it does not feel like we have been here for very long.  These times in other countries go by so quickly.  It always feels like we have just arrived and suddenly it is nearly time to leave again.  One of our goals with making the change from Argentina to Greece that we did yesterday is to allow us to spend a full ninety days in a single location to get as much out of it as possible.  Cutting that short at all really impacts us.  When we get so little time in each location, those last few weeks really make a big difference to us.  It may seem trivial but it is huge.  We are going to try very hard to make our next trip to Europe, which is coming up really soon, as long as possible.  We are going to shoot for a full nineties days in Greece and hopefully nearly the same somewhere else.  We are kicking around the idea of Romania which is very interesting because it is not yet in the Schengen, is very low cost and the local language is very similar to Italian in speech which is very handy.

We cancelled our cruise today and found out that we are getting heavily penalized for cancelling it and it is going to cost us quite a bit of money.  Not nearly as much money as if we had not cancelled it so it is still making sense but it really sucks that we are losing so much money.  This heavily encourages me to not invest in cruising in the future.  Our lives are too difficult to reliably plan far enough in advance to have this really work as well as we would hope.

We are very excited today that MangoCon is official and is going to be September 14-17 in Rochester, New York.  So we know that we are going to be back in the US for September now.  This is a huge development and we are extremely excited.