December 25, 2015: Christmas

Christmas morning came way too early.  I was very tired when Dominica made me get up.  I was barely in time to get out of bed before the girls were awake and running out to see their presents.  The adults skipped breakfast today and we got to opening presents on the early side.  The Toccos came for the first little while as well but Joe had to work so they left after an hour or two.

Present opening went into the late afternoon.  It was a long one this year, we moved pretty slowly without any set end time to motivate us along.

The big gift for the Miller family from Dominica’s parents was a new, extremely portable, high end Optoma 720p projector which is freaking awesome.  It is so tiny and light.  We are going to love traveling with this.  We often have houses without a television or at least without an HD one and having something that we can always use for playing video games or movies will be really nice.  Between our new gaming rig laptop, the bluetooth stereo speaker and now the projector we are really ready for high end, portable gaming.  We are so excited.  Dominica and I have been talking about getting one of these for a long time now.

Liesl ended up getting two of the one thing that she really wanted: a little stuffed unicorn.  Of all things, our seven year old only asked for one thing for Christmas, a $5 stuffed animal. What a silly girl.  Well her cousin Clara got her one without knowing that Liesl had asked for it.  And Dominica had gone hunting, a lot, to find the right one for her.  Liesl was pretty excited to have two of them and loves them both and says that one is the mommy and one is the baby.

After the presents were opened we relaxed for a bit and then went over to the Toccos’ to visit there when Joe got home from work.  We did the Santa grab bag there for the adults, the kids did theirs at the Grices’.  While we were doing the grab bag Liesl and Garrett got in a lot of trouble upstairs with the dogs and they spent the rest of the night in isolation to be dealt with tomorrow.  That ended our night early and instead of staying at the Grices’ tonight we went back to the condo so that we could get some sleep and talk to Liesl in the morning about what had happened.