January 25, 2016: Dreary Monday

It is a dreary, rainy Monday morning.  Exactly my kind of weather.  It was so cold and dreary that we decided that we would not try to jump the car this morning because that would mean packing up the girls and going for a long drive in the cold and the rain to wherever it is that we might want to go, which because it is a Monday is very likely to be closed anyway.  So that did not seem like it would be a very good idea all around.  We will just put it off until tomorrow.  At this point it really does not seem to matter one way or another.

I ended up spending the whole day working up in the office loft doing posting and writing and some technical projects.  Dominica watched a new Canadian television show that she is newly addicted to for a bit of the day.

This evening I went down with the last remaining main bit of cash that we have left and did some grocery shopping.  That was fifty Euros of groceries.  We have a few Euros left, but not much.  Without the car, the only way to get cash is for me to walk to Atsipopoulo which is not terrible, but not close, either.  I have been hoping to not have to do that but it is looking likely that I will need to.  We have made it for nearly a full month with only hitting the ATM twice in all of this time and due to a combination of the local withdrawl amounts and our bank policy back in the States we are unable to take out more than about $305 each time meaning that we have only gone through about $610 of cash in a month which is less than our normal ATM withdrawl amounts would suggest.  Dominica even remarked at how little we go to the ATM here in Greece than we did while living in Nicaragua where it seemed to be every four days and we were taking out larger amounts, too.

Dominica made a delicious tuna casserole for dinner tonight.  The girls were not thrilled, but the adults enjoyed it.  We watched a little of Are You Being Served? tonight, too. We were hoping that Liesl would enjoy watching it with us, but she was not interested and left to do something on her own.

We got the girls off to bed by eleven.  They did not go to sleep, though, until easily two thirty.  Dominica stayed up until two watching her show and had no idea that the time was passing but then had insomnia and was easily awake until five or six.  I was up until around five working and then off to bed.  The girls are in our room again tonight with Liesl on the floor.