March 23, 2016: Red Wind

The storm continued through the night and nearly all day today.  These are continuous winds like we have never experienced.  We only lost power a little during the night, thankfully, but it did make it difficult to sleep with the CPAP cutting out regularly.

All throughout the day we were without power and, consequently, without Internet.  It made everything tough from trying to write, keeping up on posts, Liesl’s school work, playing games, watching videos and, of course, going outside was not an option, it was a crazy storm!  The storm was so intense that Dominica and I went up on the terrace at one point to watch it and we watched, in the two minutes that we were up there, huge heavy tiles tear off of the neighbour’s roof right next door!

The pool pump in our own courtyard had it’s fibre glass cover ripped right off, even though it had bricks sitting on it to hold it down!  The bricks were thrown into the pool along with the remains of the cover.

At one point while the power was out I walked down to the corner store and talked to the guy working at the front.  He said that the power was out everywhere and that the storm had already killed a guy in Chania by dropping a tree onto his car.

So our day was a lot of scrambling to do things when we could and just sitting around the house when we could not.  For the most part the power stayed on, only two long periods of over an hour without power and the Internet was always on as long as we had power.

By evening the light had turned a reddish yellow.  It turns out this is called the Red Wind and is Sahara sand blowing in from Africa, which is not far away at all.