May 13, 2016: NTG Lab is Down for Relocation

It is Friday and the NTG Lab is all broken down and packed up so I am not able to use any of my normal equipment for the next two weeks.  In a way, this is sort of a forced vacation.  Not really, there is so much other stuff for me to be doing, but it is kind of a change of pace at the very least.  And it is finals week at RIT which means no need to worry about communicating with professors this week, either.

Today was not so busy until this evening when we discovered that there was a security issue on MangoLassi and I had to deal with that for several hours.  That was no fun.  But the break caused some other things to get fixed, too.  Emojis are back after months of not working.

It has been a tiring week for some reason.  The kids have been coming to the house for many hours, every day and that has really been making us exhausted.  They come early and stay a long time.  The lack of communications makes things super hard as we can’t tell them when Liesl has school to do or the girls just are not up for it or that we are busy or whatever.  It kind of causes us not to have control of our own schedule in any way.  But we are very happy that the girls have so many, dedicated friends who are over to play with them nearly every day.