May 15, 2016: Video Game Day

It is Sunday, it is rainy and Dominica decided that we were going to hang out today.  Neither of us felt too much like watching anything so we made the day into a video gaming day.

We played through the final three chapters of Law & Order: Legacies from Telltale Games, today.  This is the game that we had been playing when we were living in Nicaragua.  It is a great game and sadly appears to have been removed from Steam and from Telltale Games’ own site and removed from memory for some odd reason.  The game just does not exist any longer, but it is a recent title and a very good game with good production value and game play.

We watched some SciShow this afternoon.  Dominica has not seen it before and we wanted to talk about a travel show idea that we were working on.

We also played Nancy Drew: The Secret of the Scarlet Hand.  We own rather an extensive Nancy Drew video game collection and this is the oldest of the series.  It took a bit to get into it, the game is very old and wasn’t all that up to date for its era, either, but at least it has full narrated dialogue which makes it much nicer.

We managed to play through nearly the entire game, but it was late towards the end and we were all tired and needed to get to bed.  It was a nice day of just relaxing and hanging out.  We have not had a gaming day together for months.