August 5, 2016: Dad Finally Sees Back to the Future 3

Another super busy day for me.  I got up with just a couple hours of sleep and went right down to the office down the street to be able to work.  I needed to be on the phone all morning so this was really the only practical way of handling it.

The whole day ended up being pretty crazy.  I was on the phone for just hours and hours.  And in the early afternoon we had a vendor drive down from Toronto.  We thought that it was going to be a productive day but the vendor ended up just being crazy and the day was essentially wasted, from what we can tell.  We had food brought in from Wegmans, which was nice, though.

I ended up being stuck on the phone for a lot of the day which was a huge pain.  I missed out on a lot of time with people.  But I still got several hours.

Abraham, who had driven down from Toronto, had to leave early, like around six.  And then I drove Tony, who had come up from Jersey City, to the bus station in Rochester at seven so that he could catch the eight o’clock bus back down.  It was a very, very long day for him.

I stopped back at the Ralstons’ on the way home, picked up my laptop and other stuff, got some leftover food to take with us on the drive tomorrow and headed back to the house.  It was around nine when I got home and we immediately got busy watching Back to the Future: Part 3.

To my great surprise, my father has never seen the third episode in the Back to the Future Trilogy!  How this happened, I have no idea.  He saw the first two when they were new but never saw the series completed.  So this was pretty cool that he got to see if for the first time with his granddaughters.  They girls had a great time watching it, too.  They have seen the trilogy before but it was a year or two ago at least and they are young so barely remember it. But they have played through the video game at least twice in the past year so know the characters very well.

This evening I finally got my Linux laptop built!  I had to resort to using Ubuntu 16.04.1 instead of Mint, OpenSuse or Korora but it is working and it is blazing fast.  So much faster than anything that I have ever used.  This blows my $3500 Macbook Pro out of the water, so much faster.  And so much better than even this same machine with Windows 10.  I’ve used Danielle’s Windows 10 monster gaming rig this past week and it wasn’t even faster enough for me to type comfortably on it.  This thing has no delays at all.  I love it already.

Once the movie was over it was right to bed for everyone.  Dad is very worn out from the kids being around (and us, too.)  And I am so far behind on sleep, I was ready to pass out all evening.  I was very happy to get to bed. Tomorrow is going to be a very long day.  Dominica got us a car reserved at Enterprise Rent-a-Car at the Rochester Airport that we need to pick up at noon tomorrow.  Dad is going to ride up with us to get it and drive Sharon and Leo’s car back down afterwards so that we can get right onto the road.