July 10, 2016: Weekend in the Country

We tried going to a local restaurant near dad’s place that on Facebook said that they were open but when we got there appeared to have gone out of business.  That’s pretty common with restaurants in that location so we were not surprised although it was very annoying to have driven there and found out only after arriving.  That hurts all future businesses because we start to trust less and less that things will remain in business and so don’t bother to try them out because even if Facebook or whatever says that they are open, that’s just something that they didn’t bother to change when the business failed.

Liesl with Tom Miller
Liesl with Grandpa

So back to Geneseo again to the Omega Grill because at least it is open.

Luciana has been putting on magic shows for everyone.  This remains her favourite toy year after year.

Luciana with the Fisher Price Magic Kit
Luciana’s Magic Show

Luciana has been doing a lot of drawing while we are at grandpa’s house.  She is showing it of on the fridge.

Luciana Artwork
Luciana Artwork

Tonight we drove back out to Frankfort late at night.  We will be out there this week and dad will get a chance to recuperate from having the grandkids around.