July 12, 2016: The Grices Last Day in NY

I am working hard now to catch up after more than a month of getting behind on SGL updates.  Once things get busy and I get behind, there is just no keeping up.  Today is the last full day of the Grices being in Frankfort, they are leaving first thing in the morning to start driving back down to Texas.


Dominica, Liesl, Luciana and I are staying for one more day in Frankfort so that Liesl can go to her dentist appointment in Herkimer on Thursday before we head back to Peoria to visit dad.  Hopefully he has had enough time to recover from our last visit.

The kids were pretty wild all day.  The four littles are such a handful and now that the have been together for weeks they have worked up the frenzy of being together full time combined with getting tired of never getting time to themselves as well.

I spent most of the day working from the kitchen.  Last night and today were very productive writing days.

For lunch today I walked over to Big Willy’s and picked up a pizza for the family while Francesca, Madeline and Emily had sneaked off to Nicky Doodle’s in Utica for ice cream.

For dinner tonight the whole family went to Denny’s in Herkimer.  The kids were out of control, as you would imagine.  They get worse and worse as the summer rolls on.  But dinner was nice. Dominica and I both got healthy dinners of grilled salmon and vegetables.  Liesl has been asking for Denny’s all week, even though we have been there a few times so she is happy.

Liesl Loves Denny's
Liesl Loves Denny’s

After dinner we drove to Schuyler and went to Dave’s Diner for ice cream.  Yes, the Grices went twice today, again.  The place was packed because it is cruise night, which doesn’t really mean fancy cars or anything but just means that people park poorly and rev the engines of beat up old pick up trucks to get them to peel out.  It’s a very sad affair, but draws a lot of ice cream eaters, apparently.

On the way back to the Toccos’ we stopped at Dominica’s grandfather’s house for just a little while so that the Grices could say goodbye before leaving tomorrow morning to drive back down to Texas.  The little kids were totally out of control tonight and Liesl ended up hurting Dominica by jumping into her nose and almost breaking it.  So Liesl was very upset on the way home.

Once home, tension was a bit high and Liesl could not calm down so she and I took a walk around town.  We walked up to the village park with the fountain on Main Street and sat there for half an hour and just talked.  That helped her a lot.

Getting back to the house everyone was playing Pokemon Go for maybe twenty minutes.  After that, all of the Grices were in bed, they have to be up by five in the morning.

Dominica and I were not ready for bed yet.  We set up in the living room with The Wolf Among Us from Telltale Games.  We did not make it through the first chapter, but we did make decent progress and are excited to have this game to play.   It looks like it is going to be very good.