June 18, 2016: First Day in America for 2016

For the first time in 2016, we woke up in the United States!  Hard to believe that we have been out of the country since 2015.  Sure it was the very end of 2015, but still.  Such a long time away.

We would have slept in this morning but, given the time lag from Europe, we were all awake pretty early anyway, even without an alarm.  We got a great night of sleep, though, and are well prepared to get back on the road this morning.  I was up first at six thirty and Dominica not all that long after me.  We didn’t wake the girls up until we had to so that they could go down to get breakfast and in no time we were off on the road again.

We got out to Frankfort to Dominica’s parents’ house.  Truman the Boston Terrier was very excited to get to see us.   He has missed us.

Trumans Loves Me

We hung out for most of the day with Dominica’s parents.  In the evening I packed up the car and drove on to my dad’s house which is about three hours further to the west.  Tomorrow dad and I are celebrating Father’s Day together and also returning the rental van to Enterprise in Geneseo.  Originally it was going to get returned somewhere else, but Geneseo said that they would take it for us without any charge, which is awesome.  We love Enterprise.

It was very late when I got out to dad’s place.  We spent a little time catching up, but not too much.  I’m exhausted, all of the travel is catching up with me and we need to do things in the morning so more or less it was straight off to bed for both of us.

I’m sleeping on the futon in the basement.  My first time alone in a quiet space in a very long time.  I slept great.  The futon is super comfortable and the basement is very cool which helps me to sleep a lot.