September 17, 2016: MangoCon Letchworth Trip

The conference is now over and today is our day after fun trip to Letchworth State Park.  Danielle and I had to be up early and go to the Rochester Airport so that we could rent two minivans to drive everyone down to the park.  We were so exhausted while trying to do that today.  That was rough.

We finally got back to the hotel and rounded people up for the trip.  We had a few that had planned to go but were just in too rough of shape to be able to make it.

The drive down was over an hour and we all got lost looking for the pavilion that we were supposed to be in.  I should note that Dominica was riding with me in a Nissan Quest that we rented from Hertz (this will matter later on) and we really liked how it drove and how nice it was.  Better than Chrysler minivans that we have dealt with.  We have always been happy any time that we have had Nissan cars in the past.

We finally got to the pavilion and got set up.  It was an outdoor BBQ and the weather was pretty nice.  Some people went for walks, some just hung out at the pavilion.  It was fun, but I am pretty sure that we will not do something like this next year.  Too much work and coordination to make it all come together.  Would have been better to just hang out up at the convention area and do something much more casual.

We only stayed at the park for a few hours, then it was time to drive everyone back up to the city.

Lots of people decided to go out tonight, but I needed to get sleep.  We are going to come back up tomorrow morning and hang out with some people who are remaining.  But tonight we are getting back down to the farm and getting some rest.  Tomorrow afternoon we are getting the kids from Utica.  We are exhausted and don’t want to get sick.  Staying awake is barely possible.

Dominica went with Danielle out to Niagara Falls to watch Art and The Fallen play as the headliners in a festival out there.  They did not go on until after midnight, I don’t think, and it was really late, like around five when she got back to dad’s farm.