September 22, 2016: Packing Day, New Minivan

This is it, our final day in New York for 2016.  Today’s project is to get a new car and pack.

I had to run to Batavia on my own this morning and take the little Spark into get the hood latch fixed so that it would be able to be sold in NY.  What a pain.  While I was there I walked around Batavia a bit going down to the Taco Bell and picking up breakfast for myself.

Once the car was done I went back to Taco Bell and got breakfast for the family and drove back home.

We went up to Webster again today and we were able to, after a lot of work, get our new 2015 Nissan Quest.  Unfortunately it is in black, but that could not be helped.  It drives great and is in really good condition.  We are pretty happy and the girls are going to be thrilled.  They have been asking for a minivan for a long time.  And they said that they really liked the one that we had over the weekend.  Liesl told me to buy one just like that one, and I did.  So she cannot complain after this.

Thanks to my dad who paid for the majority of the new minivan.  We would have not been able to get it otherwise.

All evening after getting the minivan was about packing.  We leave for Texas tomorrow.