September 24, 2016: From Cuba to Texas

We got up this morning in Cuba, Missouri and went out to the local bakery with Paul and Karen.  We got some food there but did not stay long.  We have a lot of driving to do today and we need to get down to the old house in Carrollton, Texas.

After the bakery, while everyone was getting ready, Paul and I went to his office and I got a tour of their large manufacturing facility which was really interesting.  They have a really impressive new facility there and are expanding a lot.

After leaving Paul’s we went down Route 66 and visited the world’s tallest rocking chair that is there.  One of those quintessential Route 66 driving experiences.

Rocking Chair
The Traveling Millers at the World’s Tallest Rocking Chair, Cuba, Missouri

The drive went well down to Carrollton.  It was late when we got in and got unpacked.  We are tired.  A long day, a long week, a long month. We are looking forward to having some time to just crash at our house and regroup.  We have almost a month here before we expect to be off to either Mexico or Guatemala.  That’s our next thing to figure out.

Rachel has the master bedroom.  The girls are sleeping on the floor of Luciana’s old room.  Dominica and I are using Liesl’s old room.

We got to the house and had to get ready right away for a house party that Rachel had invited us to.  This was her “Classy Mixer” party that she has been planning for some weeks.  It ended up going until six or seven in the morning.  Quite the party.