September 26, 2016: All Salad Day

Monday and our first day of full on “routine life in Dallas.”  We are here for the next five to six weeks and need to get to “normal” as quickly as possible after one of the most disruptive summers that we have had.  The last few months since leaving Romania have been crazy.  Between bouncing around from place to place and staying with family nearly full time all summer we have had no normalcy, no ability to control our schedules, no routine and no way to cook.

Today, our meals are nothing but salads, Liesl is spending the day doing school and I spent the day writing.  A normal routine, for the first time in three years, here in the Carrollton house.

It was a productive day, we were very busy the entire day.  The weather was great, too.  About seventy degrees and a light rain for part of the day.  We opened doors and got some fresh air in the house in the afternoon.  That was a really nice change.  We so rarely get to do that in Texas.

This evening I went to Walmart and bought a 40″, American made television as we have nothing at all at the house on which to watch anything.

The TV turned out to have been broken in shipping.  So I had to load it back up, run back to Walmart and exchange it.  But Walmart is so good about that stuff.  So we had a working television after not too long.  Only $198 for a 1080p American made 40″ LCD.  I can live with that.

Rachel had to go to the office today.  So we did not see her until late and she took a nap as soon as she got home.  So we did not get to see her very much.