January 15, 2017: Heading to Europe

This is it, it’s “go day.”  So much to do.  We were awake around seven thirty and put in a few hours getting the final packing and electronics testing done.  We discovered that our GoPro Hero4 Black was damaged (we can tell that someone at a party hit it against a brick wall!!) which is a major problem since we use this while we are traveling.  Not what we wanted to discover on the morning that we were setting out for a six month adventure in Europe!

It was maybe eleven when we finally got out onto the road.  It’s about a six hour drive to the airport.  In the car we did hours of research on video cameras, stores and what are options were along the path to the airport.  That took up a large percentage of our drive time.  We ended up deciding that we could not get an Osmo+ like we wanted before this trip and just have to hold that off until our next set of adventures.  For this one, we need to find a GoPro Hero5 Black.

We ended up stopping at the Best Buy in Vestal and picking up both a GoPro Hero5 Black as well as a GoPro Karma Grip for it, which is a digital gimbel.  That triggered our credit card to lock up so we were stuck there for a while getting that released, as well.  Always something to keep us on our toes.  We also found some cool new stuff for the girls including new Pokemon watches that they bought for themselves and a new Pokemon case for Liesl’s Nintendo 3DS New XL.

Back on the road, we drove straight on down to Brooklyn.  There was a lot of traffic as it is Sunday evening and New York City always gets crazy on a Sunday evening.

We got to JFK in good time.  Dropping off the car was quick and easy.  The drop off was right beside the Enterprise shuttle to the airport so we were able to load right up and be on our way.  We have learned to get two luggage carts to move all of our stuff around; that makes things actually manageable.

Getting checked in to our flight presented a bit of a challenge.  Norwegian customer service tried to claim that our kids did not get a full luggage allotment and we thought that we were going to have a really tough time.  Not a good start to things.  But we got that mostly resolved (and contacted their central customer service) and got through security and off to our gate without too much problem.

Our flight today was a Norwegian flight, but operating by HiFly, which we found out early this morning.  So we did not know what to expect.  We got underway on time, though, and the flight was decently comfortable.  It was not the Boeing 787 Dreamliner that we had been scheduled for, but instead was an Airbus A340.

The girls and I got the middle section, as usual, and Dominica got to sit on the other side of the aisle.  We had very limited movies to watch during the flight, but at least there was something.  Both girls started watching Rio.  Liesl watched it once and then started it a second time.  Luciana’s movie didn’t work properly and she gave up.  I watched Rio, The Grand Budapest Hotel, She’s Funny That Way and I started watching Home which was so painfully awful that I had to stop watching it and could not finish it, even on an airplane.  It was that bad.  The other movies were much better with Budapest Hotel being the big winner, quite an interesting movie.

Everyone except for me managed to sleep some on the flight, which is good as this is the red eye to Oslo.  Tomorrow is going to be a very hard day for all of us.