January 22, 2017: Final Day in Rome

DuoLingo Italian Day 66

Sunday and our last day in Rome.  Today is our day of rest because we need to pack up the apartment, get all of our devices charged and get the family off to bed early so that we can get up very early tomorrow morning, get a taxi (we hope) to the train station and catch our very, very long train ride from Rome to Syracuse.  It’s funny because Rome and Syracuse are neighbouring stops on the Amtrak line in New York, but they are about eleven hours apart in Italy!

We all slept in a lot today.   All of the walking yesterday wore everyone out.  Dominica is still in a bit of pain from all of it.

For lunch today no one wanted to go out for food except for Liesl; so she and I went out on our own to find a place to eat. We did some looking around and found a nice place with outdoor seating on Cavour that seemed to have a wide menu and things that she would be interested in.  She ended up getting salmon bruschetta and penne alla salmone, both of which she loved.  She described it as a “boom” of flavour. She has decided that salmon is her favourite fish.  It was a really nice lunch.

I went out a while after getting lunch and did some filming while I had the chance.  I have had so little time to do that since getting to Rome because of our jet lag.

After most everything was packed this evening Dominica decided that she wanted to go out for our only real dinner out in Rome.  We just went to a little place across the street that turned out to be amazing.  We got a traditional cheese and pepper Roman pasta dish that was just fantastic.  Dominica also tried to get dessert and got a rum soaked sponge cake that was so heavy with rum that she could not eat it and got a little tipsy.

We tried hard to get everyone to sleep tonight around one.  Best case scenario is four and a half hours of sleep before we have to be up.  Reality is that we will be lucky to get any.  Everything is packed around ready, though.  And our Uber for the morning is scheduled.  So, in theory, we will be all set.  We want to get to the train station around six thirty, but our train is not until seven thirty.  But with kids and all of this luggage there is just so much to go wrong that we cannot have any less time than that.  If our car does not show up we “think” that I can run the luggage to the train station in that amount of time if Dominica and the kids wait at the station.  But boy would it be hard and risky.