January 6, 2017: News that Grandma Has Fallen

It’s Friday.  We spent the day packing like crazy.  So many boxes to go through.  Pretty much all of the boxes have been gone through at this point.  Now it is more about getting the rooms cleaned up.

It snowed this morning and Rachel got home from work very early, like still in the morning.  It is enough snow that it is a bit of a disaster for Dallas.  We heard of people having six hour commutes!

I wrote and posted pretty much all day.  Once the evening rolled around I was on duty for getting the girls’ room picked up.  They did a great job of helping be go through their toys and they determined that basically everything was to be stored and kept at the house, not coming with us to Italy.

While I was on the floor working on picking up the room Dominica came in to tell me that Monica had reached her to tell us that grandma had just been found at home, unconscious in a pool of blood in the living room.  She is being rushed to the ER, but it does not look good.

So we moved from packing “quickly” to packing “really, really quickly.”  We had been planning on leaving to head to Ohio either tomorrow or Sunday, but now we are trying to go tonight.  Packing in a panic is not good, this is us packing for the next six months, we have to get this right.

It was very helpful that Rachel was home today as it helped to get things done.  She is going to move into the girls’ room now since they have the nice bed.

It was about midnight when we got out the door.  We drove as far as we could which was not far, just to Atoka, Oklahoma.  I was very tired and we needed to stop.  We got into the Super 8 and got to bed.