November 10, 2016: Still Sad Around Here

Thursday.  Pretty slow day, no news from the home front to report.  Still we are just dealing with the emotional and planning impacts of the election results.  Everyone is still very hopeful that the electoral college will overturn things, but we don’t have much faith in that, they have never done it before.  They are basically just a rubber stamp process.

This whole affair has made it a lot easier to talk Dominica into being out of the country far more than we had planned on previously, however now we are talking about contingency plans in case things go really badly in the US and what if we are stuck having to not return to the US for a long time in case it goes into martial law or whatever.  That might sound extreme, but things have already happened that we did not think were really possible and we have to be ready for anything to happen now.  There is every possibility that things will be fine, but every possibility that we are looking at a worst case scenario, too.  We need contingency plans, we have little kids to think about.

So that has been taking up our time.  Not much else to tell about today.