November 21, 2016: Driving to League City for Thanksgiving

We did a good job of getting up this morning, packing and getting out the door.  We were not exactly in a hurry, but did not want to wait around for traffic to get back, either. So we were on the road around noon.

We hit McDonald’s before leaving Carrollton so we could eat while we drove.  We went east and tried to take the Dallas North Tollway but it was all backed up from construction so we diverted and worked our way along surface roads to get to TX75 and go down through downtown which worked pretty well.

Our drive was a decently easy one.  We sang along with the radio for a ways.  We stopped once for gas and once again for an emergency bathroom stop for Luciana.  Not a bad trip at all.

We got to League City and met up with Francesca, Madeline and Emily at La Brisa for dinner.  I got the firecracker shrimp tacos, which were pretty good.  The girls both went for mac and cheese.

After dinner we went to the Grices’ house.  But I felt like doing some walking, so Emily and I went out to Target and shopped for a few hours.  We walked all over the store and were pretty goofy.

After our shopping trip we went to Starbucks and got coffee for ourselves and Madeline.

Back to the house, up for a little bit talking to Francesca and then off to bed.

I kept up with my DuoLingo Italian practice today, but am not doing as much yesterday or today as I would like to have done.  Hard while driving all day to get enough time to do as much as I would like.