October 10, 2016: Goodbye Albus

Today is Monday and we had a very shocking day.  This morning Francesca called to tell us that Albus, the dog that Joe had had for the last year or two and that has been with the Grices since the baby was born passed away in his sleep last night!  We have no idea how old he was, but he was such a sweet dog and we did not know if he was two or eight years ago.  But apparently he had a heart attack in his sleep and went more or less peacefully and no one knew it until the kids tried to wake him up this morning.

Albus was a rescued boxer and just the sweetest dog.  We are so surprised and so upset that he is gone.  What a terrible loss.  Everyone is devastated.  No one had any idea that anything was wrong with him.  All of the kids are having a really rough time with this.

This evening Rachel watched the kids and Dominica and I finally got to go out on a real “just us” date.  It’s still the week of our anniversary so I guess that this counts.

Dominica and I went up to a place in Plano that had been recommended but we walked in and it was just that awful suburban sprawling crap that I cannot stand.  We turned around and left right away.  Not to self, never ever go to Plano for anything.  There will never be something in Plano that will make us happy.

We did some quick research and found a decent cocktail bar not far from where we were so we walked down and did a light dinner and drinks at a place called Pepper Smash.

Scott at Pepper Smash

We were not out very late.