October 13, 2016: Scale Legion Event in Dallas

Thursday.  Tomorrow Dominica and I have our concert date night.  Can’t wait.  We have not seen a concert together in way too long.

Another slow day today.  Lots of writing and posting.  And still way, way behind on SGL updates.  I am doing what I can.  I need to be caught up before we start traveling again in January.  I had a headache much of the day, so was on the quiet side and hid in the office drinking coffee for much of the day.

This fall is pretty news-less for us.  Hanging out at the house, some video games, spending some time with Rachel.  It’s a bit of downtime for us before we do more exciting things in the winter.

This evening Rachel and I drove down to Top Golf in Dallas to go to the local Scale Legion event there.  This is the first one that we have had in the area and I have never been to Top Golf before, either.

The event was pretty good.  Got to do some networking and met some new people.  The venue was cool, I like Top Golf.  Chris showed up later in the evening as well.

It was an early night, only out until about ten.