October 7, 2016: House Party

Had a busy morning today.  Got up and was in a meeting all morning and was tied up until the middle of the afternoon.  So my day went by pretty quickly and by afternoon I had loads of writing and posting to catch up on.

Did some work on some Zoho stuff today.  I’m liking their products and free for up to twenty five users for email is pretty nifty.

Watson said today that because of his new job that he is not going to be able to go to SpiceWorld this year.  He has not missed it in a while.  But he just started with the new job and has to be there.  It’s only been a week or so.

We took the girls to go get frozen yoghurt today.  They love outings to get froyo.

FroYo with the Girls

We have a party at the house this evening, so a lot of the day was spent cleaning and getting things ready.

Good sized party at the house tonight.  Maybe fifteen or twenty people and went all night.