February 21, 2017: First Day Alone with the Kids

Tuesday.  The first full day of the girls and I being home alone!  Dominica managed to get on her flight this morning without a problem and was on her way to Florida for nearly the entire day.  It was a lot more than twenty four hours of trip for her.  About thirty hours when it was all said and done and she was in Cocoa Beach.

The girls and I had a nice day.  I got up kind of early and I started the day doing some writing and then re-arranging the upstairs office so that my desk was on the side of the room and I moved up the Steam laptop and set things up so that the girls would be able to game upstairs with me during the day.  I have a feeling that this will go over really well.

The girls did, indeed, enjoy having Steam upstairs.  It’s not a bad setup for it.  They can sit on the bed and the screen works well on the wall and I am able to sit at my desk and participate with them while they play, but I can still work.  So it is perfect.

Luciana tried playing Night of the Rabbit today but decided that she did not like it.  So they switched to playing The Book of Unwritten Tales which Liesl loved when she was Ciana’s age.  Ciana prefers Liesl to play it, but Liesl loves playing it and can’t remember it from back in Peekskill when we last played it so she is having a great time playing it all over again.  We are getting some serious mileage out of that game!  We also played a little Nancy Drew: The Message in the Haunted Mansion but we got stuck so did not play for very long.  We did a lot of racing in Sonic and Sega All Stars Racing too.

Luciana wanted to take a walk tonight, so we did that.  It was dark and everything was closed.  We walked up to the castle in town and north into the part of the city that we have never seen.  It was not a long walk but it was nice.

Back home we watched Spy Kids 2 which Luciana liked even more than the first one.  Liesl liked it too, but not as much as Ciana.

We went to bed at a good time tonight.  Liesl stayed up a little while Ciana wanted me to read more Nancy Drew to her.