January 30, 2017: One Week In, Internet is Out

Monday morning.  We started off the day with a double grocery run.  First down to the little local market and the panificio next door for the basics.  Then Dominica and I hiked down the hill to the big grocery store for more extensive supplies.  That takes at least an hour between all of the walking and the time in the store.

Today is our one week mark in Sicily.  Noto is a pretty cool town, we like it.

This evening our Internet went off, completely. Not off like something was wrong but more like we got turned off. So much for having things to do tonight.  Now I am very stressed out dealing with being offline for the night.

After several hours we came back on, just before midnight. It turned out that the Internet guy that supports the house was blocking our calls as they were coming from a US number – even though he knew that he was supposed to be looking for calls from the renter here. Argh.