March 8, 2017: Starting the Book of Unwritten Tales Again

Wednesday.  Got up this morning and worked for two hours before anyone else in the house woke up.  We all went to bed at the same time last night.

I went to the stores this morning around the corner and got lucky with the bakery having my favourite bread today.

Our power went out again today because Dominica used two appliances at once and that kills the main breaker every time.  Not the best wiring in this house.

Lego Words finally went to final release so I worked on downloading that today and after a long time was able to let the girls play it which they did this evening.

The girls also started playing The Book of Unwritten Tales again tonight.  They played it before but they were so young when they did that neither of them remember it at all.  So they are getting a full second play out of the game.  It’s one of my favourite.  A classic for them.  This is one of the handful of games that really make Liesl into a gamer.