April 25, 2017: Luciana Turns Six

My baby girl Luciana turns six years old today!  She is growing up so quickly.  And she has already lived all over the world and she is still so little.

We made a run to the grocery store to get a birthday cake for Luciana.  Only Liesl and I went, while Luciana was still asleep.  We will surprise her with the cake later today.  We have a busy day planned, already.

In the office today for a few hours.  Then Anton, Max, and I went to Good Wine, the amazing grocery store that I mentioned a few weeks ago, to get drinks.  The bar had a waiting list so long that we decided to eat lunch in another restaurant that is also located inside of the grocery store.

Max, Anton, and Scott at Good Wine in Kiev
Fish at Good Wine
Goat Cheese Salad at Good Wine

Our lunch was amazing. By far the best food I have ever had or witnessed or heard rumour of from a grocery store restaurant.  Fantastic.

After we had finished eating, seating opened up for us in the wine bar in the back. This is where we had wanted to go all along.  The wine list is quite impressive.  Showcasing what a powerhouse, international city Kiev is.

Max at the wine bar at Good Wine

Good Wine is really something to see.  People get all dressed up to shop here.  Women in dresses and heels, high end sports cars everywhere, men in suits, all just to go shopping for groceries!

After we got home, we broke up the surprise cake that Liesl and I had sneaked off to get this morning and had a little Ciana birthday party ourselves at the apartment.  So we had a little private party at the apartment.  Luciana has had such a wild and interesting array of birthdays over the years.

We are planning a bigger Ciana dinner birthday celebration in two nights.