April 6, 2017: Final Day in Noto

Thursday.  We are nearly done in Noto so I took the chance to do a long walk and I managed to explore a lot.  I went way outside of town to the west, up past the hospital and up the hill on the main road.  I even saw our fruit guy driving his little truck to the next town.  I did eight and a half kilometers.  Not too bad, and with a lot of elevation changes.

Leftover pizza for lunch.  This is it, just scavaging whatever is in the house.  Tonight is our last meal in Noto.

The house was nearly all packed up this evening.  Hard to believe that it is really time to go.  No more Noto.  We really like Sicily, but it is pretty easy to say that this is the least disappointed that I have been to be leaving a place.  Too many problems, too much stress here.  This has been the roughest of all of the countries that we have lived in thus far.

By later in the evening the house was out of food but the girls were still hungry.  So we decided to take one last walk and get more gelato as a final treat.  Otherwise they would just be hungry.  Why not.

I did a webinar this evening with Starwinds.  After that Dominica and I started rewatching How I Met Your Mother.

Was busily attempting to upload Flickr pictures before going to bed.  Even simple things like uploading photos, not vidoes just normal pictures, is a huge problem here and can take days to get a handful uploaded.  Our Internet is a complete joke even when it works, and that’s not very often.  The struggles of trying to upload stuff never end because we never get to a point of having the things uploaded that need to be uploaded.  There has been a backlog continuously for months.  This is all just so frustrating.   But it is nearly over.  Only hours left to go.

This is it.  We are all done.  Our time in Noto is over.  Off to bed and we have to be up early tomorrow to get underway as we move to Ukraine!