May 22, 2017: Larva Swarm

Monday.  For a change of pace I am actually at home in Dallas for a little bit.  This is nice.

This morning Dominica discovered some kind of larva that looked like that of flies, swarming into the house through the atrium door and the cracks around it.

We spent nearly the whole morning dealing with this new infestation.  They were everywhere, hundreds of them.  It was so gross.  Something about the weather or something has caused them to attack us in this one spot.  They often came five or six at a time and if you looked away they would sneak past you.

I have no idea what was driving them to enter the house, and all in a single spot, and all to try to cross from the atrium and head for the far side of the kitchen, it was truly bizarre.

It took all morning to get the swarm under control.  I was in pain from bending over to pop one after another.  We had chemicals all over the floor but that did relatively little to slow them down.

Later in the day I worked from my office, the one just off of the kitchen, and had to come out continuously to keep an eye on them to see if any more would come in.  Just disgusting.  I’ve never seen anything like this in my entire life.

We eventually managed to get things under control and we think that the assault on the house and ceased.  But why did it start, why did it stop, will it happen again?  We have no idea.

Liesl and I played some Overcooked tonight, just the two of us.  We are going through different levels trying to knock out stars that we have been unable to get previously.

For dinner tonight Dominica made pancakes.