June 21, 2017: First Sodas

Wednesday. I had a busy morning of meetings, had squeeze lunch in between meetings.

Liesl and I played Age of Empires 2 together today.  I helped her with one of her campaigns that she is playing to learn the game.

This afternoon Rachel and Shawn took Liesl and Luciana out to go swimming at Shawn’s apartment around the corner.  The girls had so much fun.  While they were there, Rachel also gave them their very first sodas, which they liked a little.  Rachel didn’t realize that they had never had soda before until they told her after they were drinking them.  So we made it to age six for Luciana and all of the way to age eight for Liesl without them having drank a soda before!  Liesl drink a Strawberry Crush and Luciana had Manzanita Sol.