July 12, 2017: Finishing The Journey Down Chapter One

Wednesday.  I woke up this morning just in time for the power to go out. Turns out that the power bill (which we do not pay) did not get paid.  This is getting to be way too common of a problem.  This is the second or third time that the power has gone off because it went unpaid in just the short time that we have been back home.  We are sadly coming to just expect it.

I had an in person consultation with a doctor’s office today, up in McKinney, which went really well.  One of those rare times when you have a customer that really understands what it is needed.  I grabbed Taco Bell while at the meeting.

Dominica was watching Criminal Minds tonight when I walked into the room and she paused the show at just the right moment that my friend Helen was on the screen!

Helen Highfield on Criminal Minds S6: E21

Tonight we played, and completed, the first chapter of The Journey Down.  It was quite good and the girls are very happy with it and are looking forward to playing the subsequent chapters.