July 22, 2017: Dominica’s Reunion Weekend

Dominica is still out in Utica, the girls are still visiting with her parents.  Dominica is at her sorority reunion weekend.  So it is still just dad and I down on the farm.  I worked most of the day, but we got a bit of time to visit.

This evening we went up to Batavia and had dinner at the Town and Country Diner, which is really good.

Dominica won a beer pong match at her reunion, which is totally not the kind of thing you would expect her to be good at.

Dad broke a tooth this evening while eating peanut butter.

My friend Phil, from Atlanta, got into town today, but I had no car so we could not hang out.  He’s heading up to Toronto to enjoy a weekend up there ahead of MangoCon back down here in Rochester this coming week.