July 26, 2017: MangoCon Time

Wednesday.  This is it, time for MangoCon 2017!

Spent the day up in Rochester getting ready for the big event.  Dominica and I checked into our hotel room around eleven.  We had a lot of errands to run, especially after doing a sound check.  So we were super busy all morning.  There are a million technical problems with the setup of the conference speaking space.  This is going to be extremely hard to make work.

Dominica and I did our final morning coffee at ten thirty.  On the road at eleven.

On Our Way to MangoCon 2017

The conference started officially at six.  Ahead of that, a bunch of us gathered a the Genesee Brewery for beers before it all kicked off.  We got to the brewhouse around four.

Genesee Beer with Tracy in the Background

It was a good evening, and exhausting.  Going to be a busy couple of days.

Jeremy and I went out looking for late night doughtnuts, there is a Dunkin Donuts across the street from MangoCon.  But sadly, and ridiculously, they are not twenty four hours!  Who closes a doughnut shop in New York?