July 3, 2017: Wii U Day

Monday.  Day twenty five of my Spanish streak on DuoLingo.

This morning’s project was to set up the kids with the Wii U that has been stored down in Houston for a few years.  The girls have been wanting to play it for a while and it has been gone for so long.  It was like getting a completely new toy at this point.

After all these years, we checked out to see if any good games had been made for the Nintendo Wii U.  As expected, no, none were every made.  Like all other Nintendo platforms, this was effectively abandoned after a few months of empty hype and nothing worth playing was ever really made for it.

Liesl did try out the old Wii game Super Paper Mario, that Dominica used to play.

Dominica and I watched Star Trek: Beyond today.

This evening Liesl, Luciana, and I played the elastic band puzzle game Elastrix.  It is cute and fun.