July 5, 2017: The Journey Down

Twenty seven days on my DuoLingo streak on Spanish.  Yesterday I finally passed my all time Italian score there with Spanish.  I’m doing well.  Really moving forward with that stuff quickly.

After work today I had a gaming night with the girls.  Tonight we played The Journey Down: Chapter One which is a Caribbean themed adventure game.  We had a very nice time.  The game is easy enough to follow that the girls are able to play it quite a bit without a lot of help from me.  Not completely, of course, but they did great.  And they really like the story and the quirky characters.

We tried playing Worms Reloaded with the girls tonight, but the controls are so confusing that they did not get into it at all.

Liesl played a new game called Fire that she enjoyed.

After the kids moved towards bed I started playing a game that I’ve recently gotten into, Secret Files: Tungusta.  Old school adventure game that I am really liking.