July 7, 2017: The Carrollton Splash Park

The girls tried playing some Move or Die with their cousins online this morning.  It did not work out really well, though.  That is a tough game in general and playing it online did not work out great.

This afternoon we packed up the girls and we took them to a splash park that Carrollton has.  We have never tried one of these before, but I had heard about it from one of the other parents at one of the regular playgrounds so I had a feeling that the girls would really love it.

It took a little driving around to find, but we found the splash park and it is not far from us at all.  And it is really nice, and very busy.  Lots of fun stuff.  The girls just loved it.

Luciana and Liesl at the Carrollton Splash Park

Such a great idea for the Texas heat.  The splash parks are going to be a new place for us to go.  And a great place for the girls to make local friends.

Dinner tonight was veggie dogs and corn on the cob.

The girls played Castle Crashers online for a while with their cousins this afternoon.  Then tonight the girls and I played more Book of Unwritten Tales together.  We did two more chapters of it tonight!