August 18, 2017: Playground in Cuba

Friday.  Slept in a lot today.  I got essentially no sleep two nights ago and we didn’t get into Cuba until really late last night.  And of course we couldn’t fall asleep straight away.  So Paul was at work today and we all slept in for a really long time.

Around six, Paul was home and he and I went to the bar to hang out with some of his local friends.  While we were there, Dominica and Karen napped back at the house.

The girls watched Shaun the Sheep this afternoon.

We got Planet Sub for dinner tonight.

At seven thirty we took the girls out to a local playground so that they could work off some energy.

Paul on Playground

Although really it was probably Paul having the most fun.

Paul and Karen on Teeter Toter

The girls had a nice time, too, though.

Paul, Liesl, and Luciana on Playground