August 20, 2017: Onondaga Cave

Sunday.  Today’s activity is going to Onandaga State Park nearby here in Missouri to go into the Onondaga Cave.  This area of the Ozarks is known for all of its natural caves and this is one of the better ones.

It was a warm day, but nice and chilly down in the cave.  We got a guided tour that was pretty educational and I think that the girls had a really good time.

Between the river rafting yesterday, cave tour at a state park today, and the solar eclipse activities tomorrow, this is one really educational school trip for the girls.

The cave was really cool and we learned a lot of the history of the area and about the plight of the bats in the area, which isn’t good.

We had Planet Sub again today, the girls are loving the subs there.  It’s not far from Paul’s house.