August 29, 2017: The Toccos Start to Flood

Tuesday.  The storms have been battering Houston for days now and today, the Toccos’ place there has started to flood.  It didn’t get bad until later in the day.  The Grices’ new home, which is just down the street, is just enough higher that they were able to escape the water.  But Joe’s house was a few feet under water today, and they even managed to get a video of a large number of fish swimming through their bedroom!

Tomorrow morning I am flying to Phoenix.  So today was mostly packing, prepping, light work, and things going on because the family is flooding down in Houston.  I got checked in for my flight and will be there tomorrow.

I did do a little work building some PBXs today.

I have to head to the airport at six thirty tomorrow morning, so a short post today.