August 31, 2017: And Back from Phoenix to Dallas

It was a very quick trip out to Phoenix, just one night here in my new executive condo in Chandler.  It’s all very interesting.  One thing that I learned, because I never looked at this before, is that Phoenix is actually farther north than Dallas is!  Dallas is only barely north of the Mexico California border.

So today was up and into the office, eventually, getting Taco Bell on the way in.  I introduced everyone in the office to the joys of Taco Bell breakfast.

The view from the new condo is amazing.  I have to say, I might really detect Arizona on a social level, but they do some beautiful work around the city.

But all views are of just plain, beige, desert and it will get old quickly if you are not in a spot that is green from the water being pumped in.

Spent the day in the office trying to teach people how to use logic in decision making.  That was frustrating.  And trying to get people who are very defensive about their jobs to think about how to actually get the job done, rather than how to milk the company for as long as they can before they get discovered.

Off to the airport this afternoon, a quick hop, and I am back in Dallas with my family tonight!