September 14, 2017: Lost in Space and Harry Potter

DuoLingo Streak: 12 Days

Thursday.  Now that I know that I am going to be out of town next week, there is a lot to do to make sure that everything is ready for the trip and to spend as much time with the girls as possible as I will not see them for the majority of the week.  At least I have the last flight out on Monday and the first flight back on Saturday so I will be home in time to sleep at the house for Friday night, even though it is Saturday morning.  So I will only miss the family for four days.

So today was super busy.  Not a lot of posting, though, for that it was a pretty slow day.  But I had consulting calls nearly all day and so was on the phone for the majority of it.  So very little to tell, nothing of interest.  But it was a solid day of work that kept me hopping from first thing until very late.

School went well for the girls today, at least according to Luciana’s regular after-school check in with me.  She always pops into my office for an after-school hug and she gave me her signature “thumbs up” that school was good today.

I made myself some dinner tonight, just veggie burgers and tried to eat them while watching some YouTube videos but actually fell asleep for a little bit while trying to do so!

Later in the evening Liesl, Dominica and I sat down and watched Lost in Space, from the 1990s.  I have not seen it in a very long time and Liesl has never seen it.  Dominica actually watched it on her own pretty recently, which I had not realized.  It took a little cajoling to get Liesl to watch it, but she was in a “snuggle on the couch with daddy” mood so she stayed and then she ended up liking it.  We tried to talk Luciana into it, but she would have none of it and spent the evening in her own room watching something on her iPad.

After the movie, it was bed time.  We were all tired.  Dominica had missed reading Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone for school today and I was unable to get the next Magic Treehouse book from the library for our bedtime reading as we had finished Night of the Ninjas yesterday and needed the next title in the series.  So that is on hold, for now.  The girls asked for me to read HP&PS tonight, so I did.  They said that they like me reading it a lot more and want me to read the whole thing.

This is the first time that I am reading HP&PS in print (well, on the Kindle) since Dominica first had me read it, while we lived in Ithaca, when we were first dating.  I have since listened to it as we have the book on CD (literally, on CD) somewhere in our storage, but I have not read it directly.  And I prefer reading it myself as I was unhappy with the semi-dramatization of the book on CD available in the US.