October 17, 2017: New Tires

DuoLingo Streak: 45 Days

I was up early this morning.  I did some work and while the kids were still sleeping I took a little chance to play an hour or two of XCOM.  Then Liesl woke up and came to join me.  It was a tough session, though, and I had to roll back everything that I did today as I was unable to beat any missions at all.

Dominica was up early today talking to a client for a while this morning.  We are slowly getting our schedules onto a more normal time zone equivalent.  We’ve been skewed horribly late with Luciana sometimes not getting to fall asleep until the sun was starting to come up!

The kids had school today.

Yesterday Dominica made an appointment for me to go to Discount Tire in The Colony today at three in the afternoon to get new tires put on to the Nissan Quest.  Our old ones are essentially thread bare and have to be replaced before we use the car for anything and certainly before we have any chance of managing to get it inspected, which has to be done this month!  So at two thirty I drove up to The Colony and waited about an hour as all four tires got replaced.

While I was waiting at Discount Tire, I got about an hour in on DuoLingo and Mango Languages.  A good use of my time.

The car was handling better on the way home.  You know the tires are in bad shape when you can instantly feel the improvement in how the car drives.

For dinner this evening Dominica made samosa pie.  It was really good, but the kids were not into it.

We watched Blacklist this evening, we are on the third season, now.  Netflix only has four seasons, I think, so we will have to wait a while for the fifth season.

We read more of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban tonight and are ready to start the fourth chapter tomorrow with the girls.  For the first time since I have been back from Phoenix, the girls slept in their own room tonight.