October 22, 2017: 24


Today I got my first ever ad on YouTube that appears to have actually been intended for me.  People talk about how creepily ads are targeted for them these days, but I basically never see it.  Nearly all ads that I see seem completely random, or possibly even less appropriate for me than totally non-targeted television ads.  Like it is actually astounding how poorly Google knows me.  It’s like they pay no attention and guess that I’m the total opposite of who I am.  What few ads might be for something I might be interested in are typically presented in such a way as to drive me away from it.

I tried to play some video games today, but as often happens, once I’m interested in playing a game, the girls take over.

Today, Dominica and I went back to the hit television show 24 that came out many years ago (but not so long ago that I do not still think of it as a new show, haha.)  We started binge watching that to see how it was.  The premise of the show is that the twenty four episodes of the season each take place in real time and are each one hour long, so over the course of the season you see a single twenty four hour period of the show.

The first few episodes seem to be okay.  We will see as we give it more time.