October 24, 2017: Tungusta


I managed to play some XCOM today.  Liesl loves that game, and I really enjoy it.  It’s just slightly too hard for her right now, the strategy in it is rather advanced.

Dominica made lasagna tonight

Dominica and I finished the first season of 24 tonight.  And the verdict is.. it’s a lame, boring show.  I wish that I would not have watched it.  It’s not horrible, but certainly not wasting time on.  I have no interest in seeing another season of it, so I won’t be giving it any further chances.  It was a mildly interesting concept executed exceedingly poorly.

Tonight I played some of Secret Files: Tungusta on Steam.  It’s an old fashioned point and click adventure game.  I’m liking it, good story and well made game.