November 11, 2017: Dominica Cuts Her Thumb

Saturday.  Did a whole bunch of SAMIT videos today.  I need to get a backlog of them done and prepped so that I am ready for all of the upcoming holidays, travel to Qatar, and so forth.  It takes a lot of work to keep a YouTube channel like SAMIT busy.

Dominica dropped a knife while working in the kitchen this morning and cut her hand really badly.  We are worried that she will need to go get stitches.  We had to get her all bandaged up before I even got to my first coffee of the day.

Dominica has been experimenting with making her own vegetarian lunch meat, it has been really good.  Today for lunch it was lunch meat sandwiches.

Liesl played Skyrim today so I hung out with her for a bit while she was playing that.

Hanging Out with Luciana & Liesl

For dinner we ordered Chinese delivery from China One.  With her thumb cut up so badly, Dominica was not up for cooking anything today.

Dominica and I watched The Man with One Red Shoe which is from the early 1980s and I have never seen before.  It was actually completely awful.  Don’t ever watch that movie.