November 8, 2017: Liesl Starts to Program

DuoLingo Streak: 67 Days / 58% Fluency

Wednesday.  It is a cold and rainy day in Dallas.  It was raining since the middle of the night and rained nearly through the entire day.  It was very chilly so the only window that we kept open was the one in the master bedroom which, no matter what we do, never actually gets cold.  Between the television in there and Dominica being in that room, it stays warm no matter what.

Today was a huge day for Liesl, today we officially started her programming classes at home together.  We are starting off with her doing Python programming via the online classes available from Code Academy.

We took some time to sit together on the “couch” in the living room and go through the entire first lesson this afternoon.  It went really well with her picking up the material super quickly and she absolutely loved it.  She is so into it and excited.

We got through the entire first lesson and she wanted more.  We are going to be making programming a regular part of her homeschooling work starting today.  So hopefully there will be a lot of this in the future.  Code Academy does Python, JavaScript, Ruby, HTML, CSS, and some other things, so hopefully a lot of material to keep her busy for a long time to come.

I did several new SAMIT videos today.  I have eight videos uploaded to the channel at this point and about fourteen in the processing queue.  So getting very, very close to the one hundred video mark, which I hope to hit later this week.  Although six videos yet by the end of the week is rather a lot, so that is a lofty goal.

MangoLassi was busy today, but nothing like our record day yesterday.  That was bordering on the insane.

This evening the girls and I watched Men in Black which has shown up recently on Netflix.  I have not seen the movie in a really long time, the girls have never seen it at all.  Liesl thought that it was decent, but was not a huge fan.  Luciana really loved it and can’t wait to see the sequels.

Dominica was off to bed super early tonight, hours before normal.